Whether you are looking for a career change, life change or overall personal transformation, I am here for you. I style all ages and genders and look forward to working with you to help your inner style come through so that you shine! I am here to help you regain your own personal sense of style.

Meet Grace

“Prior to meeting with Edie, I lacked confidence in the clothes I wore, feeling as though my outfit choices didn’t represent how I wanted to convey myself to the world. I found my clothes to not fit my body type well. Therefore, when I would go through my closet and search through tons of clothes, I would find little to no outfits I felt proud to wear.

Edie was recommended to me. An hour before even meeting with Edie, she pre-selected clothes and shoes for me to try on. She had a multitude of items laid out and over 70% of the clothes fit and looked great on. I walked out of the store that day with a genuine happiness for having the perfect wardrobe pieces for starting my new job, going out with friends, on a date, or even to go grocery shopping because I finally felt that the clothes I owned made me feel classic and confident. A few days later, Edie went through my closet and paired the pieces that we bought together with other items of clothes I owned. She created spreadsheets of different pairings of clothes, giving me advice along the way so that I could implement fashionable styling pairings on my own. She also recommended I do something different with my hair, and I feel more confident, sophisticated, and sexy than ever.”

-Grace Hanna, styled by Edith Henry

“I strive to help my clients to be confident that what they’re saying stylistically, reflects who they truly are.”